W       W       W       .       B       E       K       E       R       S       .       O       R       G

T H E    E V R    P L A Y E R  .   .   .


The Bekers (George with EVR on cart and Jeanna acting as photographer) arrive at the Library of Congress with what is believed to be the only brand-new, still-in-the-box Motorola EVR Teleplayer on earth.  Beker rolls it in on a cart and Greg Lukow does the honors of opening the original shipping carton box for the first time.  Moments later, the 4 decade-old EVR gets its first taste of Virginia sunshine.

(Greg is Chief, Motion Picture, Broadcasting & Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress'
Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation)


Saved for posterity!

Greg and George inspect the new EVR Teleplayer in all its glory.  Pure 1970s aesthetic, woodgrain cabinet, big colorful buttons,
player-to-TV adapter (analog video, of course) and even a 3-to-2 prong power cord adapter.

According to the back panel label, it is machine #1277, probably manufactured early in EVR's 1969-1972 US production
at Motorola's Franklin, Illinois facility.  Imagine, back when technology was still made here . . .

Here's a publicity photo of  Motorola's version of an EVR player.

Andf for those so interested, its guts looked like this.
That's the take-up reel on the right side.


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